How to rename the filename in Outlook email attachment in Save Attachment activity?

Hi All

There is a file with some lengthy name in the attachment. We are using Save Attachment activity to download the file but it is throwing error because of the extra characters.

So how can we keep only certain no. of characters while downloading the file ?

Hi @kkpatel,

Could you not download the the attachment to a temporary location with a much shorter path (C:\temp or similar) and then use the move file activity?

The move file activity allows you to rename your files whilst moving and gives the opportunity to rename and remove lengthy characters.


The real root of this problem is your folder path. You shouldn’t use such long folder paths. This is a Windows thing, not a UiPath thing.

I tried to replicate this issue in my machine. What I observed is Bot is not throwing error.

Its simply skipping it to download and just downloading other attachments.

So is there any such setting in Outlook or Windows ?