Which BPM tool is preferred to integrate with UiPath?

I am working on a project where we need to integrate UiPath with a BPM tool. Which is the preferred BPM tool which can be easily integrated in UiPath?

There is no directly integration any bpm tool with uipath,you cam simply use screen scrapping.

Hi @accoelho,

UiPath supports almost all the BPM tools and no need to worry about easy integration. Because it is always easier to automate with UiPath :smiley:.So think from process perspective that which tool will be easier for your project. Rest all can be achieved with UiPath.

If you are having trouble in automating any tools, you can create a post with respective tool details. We can help you :smiley:


Bizagi has a pretty good integration, but I do not know if it’s the best.
You can also integrate with Bonita,

Bit late to the party but just to say that we are facing a similar challenge. You can use any BPMN engine that can execute BPMN models, have a service task to make API calls to Orchestrato to run processes. This way, you can have best of both worlds, BPM and UIPath working together.

instead of API calls, can’t you have a BPMS user just for the RPA Robot?

Then you create activities and tasks in the BPM that are sent for the RPA Robot to do.

The robot is constantly logged in, waiting to receive any task. Maybe by email? Or maybe, just in the BPMS Task list.

When a new task enters, the bot notices the new task and Reads the type of task. Obviously, it will only perform a task it has been “trained” to perform. Then it will start the task and perform the necessary steps.

I already did automation of Bizagi with UiPath and the integration works very well, the UiPath activity for automate bizagi in background is very good.

which bpm tool is best to integrate with uipath.and which bpm tool is on top in market amongs other.for eg:Bizagi,Bonitasoft,Auro,IBM etc

Well I never worked with the other BPM Solutions, just Bizagi, and runs very well :))