Is there a way we can change the project name

Is there a way we can change the project name in uipath.

I tried a lot but didn’t get success. Is it possible?


You can change it by editing Name parameter in Project.Json File but before that read this
Project.Json file


Thank you :+1:

Hi @Anjali01!

I tried this but it didn’t work. I reloaded the environment but still the Project Name remains the same as the previous one (See screenshot below).

As you can see from the SC, the Project Name has not changed but the JSON and the Project File Path have been updated by myself.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

@edd.tomlinson Project.Json doesn’t change the folder name, It changes the package name for Orchestrator. If you want to change your folder name then you need to do it manually by right clicking and then rename

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@Arpit_Kesharwani to the rescue again! cheers dude!

I tried right clicking but it didn’t show me the option. I then found how to rename it under Project Settings:

Appreciate the help!

@edd.tomlinson Go to your project location and then rename the folder :rofl:

I did that originally but it didn’t change the name of the project (see the first screenshot), I could only change it in Project settings (Project Window)

@edd.tomlinson Reopen the process will resolve your issue

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