Rename Project Name

Hi All,

I tried to rename the project name so that when i publish it will appear the name that i need.
I tried to rename the Main.xaml to the file name that i want but the robot is still capturing the old name.

Any idea how i can rename for the bot without creating a new project and doing the copy and paste thing all over again?

Thanks in advance!

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Try open Project .json into Notepad.

Hi @Aupe ,

What is project .json?

.json file of your project.
you need to find it > then open as notepad

to Find the location of your Project.json file
go to Mydocuments>Uipath>then select your project>then open project.json as notepad.

Hello @Aupe If you are using Uipath CE 2014.4 or above you can change project name description directly from studio.


Hi @minthodology
–hope you have your workflow opened in the studio
–go to the left side of the studio and search for project folder (will be there along with activties, libraries panle) and click on this icon
and we can see a file like this
open this in notepad
and change the name here you want (make sure that the studio is closed while changing the name)

now open any xaml file in that project and in the top of the studio we can see the change of name make in project

simple isn’t it
Cheers @minthodology


Hi @Palaniyappan

This is like magic!~ Thanks! :smile:

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