Is there a way to run the robot in the cloud, not locally, when using the orchestrator api?

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I deploy the package to the orchestrator, and the process was executed in my local PC when external server requests the below cloud consuming api.

POST startJobs API[serviceName]/[tenantName]/odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs

When external server sends an API request, the process runs on my local PC where the machine is installed.

But, I can’t turn on my local PC all the time, so I want it to run in the cloud.

In short, Is there any way to run the process on cloud, not locally by startJobs api?

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Have a look below thread.

Note: Currently it is in community preview but not released in Enterprise level.

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Hey @sssi

You may need to enable either of the options as below,

  1. Have a windows VM server and install UiPath robot in it, connect the robot to the orchestrator with an Un-Attended bot license which will help you to trigger the bot remotely using API

  2. Use UiPath cloud managed robot where you no need to have any VM but just the configuration in the cloud orchestrator to trigger the bot remotely using API

Hope that helps.


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It helps a lot!!
Thank you so much :wink::wink:

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Cool @sssi :innocent::+1:

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