Can we run a process on any machine from cloud?

Can I run a process from Cloud on any machine which does not have a studio or connected to the orchestrator? Silly question please forgive me

I have a community edition studio. I create a simple program to show "Hi " in a message box.

I published it to Cloud Orchestrator. Now Can I run this process on any other machine where UiPath is not installed?

I need to know that is the Robot service is also on Cloud so that packages can be run anywhere just by accessing the cloud.



Hi @PrankurJoshi,
Only machines on which at least Robot is installed and connected to Orchestrator can run process from cloud. Otherwise you would be able to run process on every computer (security). It’s not possible in any other way.


I was thinking the another way, I think it will be available in future when Robot would also be there on cloud :smiley:


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