Unattended Cloud Deployment

Hi Team,

I am using an unattended UiPath Robot, when I trigger the same using external chatbots the process is triggered in my local system, I am using the community version of Uipath, if we go for the licensed version will I be able to run the process in cloud ? Since it is currently running on my local whenever a request is triggered, it is not executing whenever the system is locked/offline.
Please let me know if there is a cloud environment where the BOT can be deployed, so that whenever a request is triggered it will run in any case, as the cloud machines will be up 24/7.

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Rajesh Ramu

Depending on which chatbot solution you’re using and how you’re communicating with the bot, an unattended Bot can run 24/7 in the cloud, yes.

But they usually don’t run until they get triggered by the Orchestrator or a queue item.

Generally you can deploy your unattended Bot wherever you like as long as the VM fulfills the following requirements: Hardware and Software Requirements

Does UiPath provide their own cloud platform to setup the unattended BOTs (Ex., to host the Virtual environment in UiPath cloud) ?
Is there any such option available with licensing, so that they provide the platform to run these unattended BOTs ?

Here’s a quote from the 2020.10 release:

Another big investment area is cloud robots. We’ve started a private preview of autoscaling from the cloud Orchestrator, which enables preview customers to automatically provision and spin up/spin down robots in their own public cloud, and we look forward to widening that.

The next step is robots that are entirely provisioned and managed at an infrastructure level on your behalf by UiPath, and we expect to start previewing that exciting development in 2021.

So it’s not in GA yet