Scheduling BOT In Orchestrator

Hello Guys, I am using UiPath Studio 2021.4.4 Community Version. I have publishes the process to the orchestrator but I am not able to schedule the process, Can you help me?

Hi @Sainath_Hotkar1 , After publishing your process from local go to the Processes tab in orchestrator. You should be able to see your published process with the current version.

Once set the process go to triggers and set the scheduler.

Under automation, you will find triggers. There you can schedule your process

Hi @Sainath_Hotkar1

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this is relatively simple.

I assume that you have already created the process in the orchestrator in your shared folder. (if not and you don’t know exactly how to do it tell me again)

Navigate as follows:

  • Shared folder
  • At the top of the bar click on Automations
  • Then in the lower part of the window on Triggers
  • Here you can set a time or queue trigger (I’m assuming time)
  • Right on the plus symbol
  • Assign a name for the trigger
  • Select the process from the drop-down list
  • And on the right select the execution time. If the default settings do not suit you then you can also set a cron job via Advanced (e.g. create one via Free Online Cron Expression Generator and Describer -
  • Click on Add and you are done.

The process will now be executed at the set time.

Does this fit for you?

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Hi @MarioHerrmann it worked, thank you for the help… But getting some pending BOT error “Folder Default: #trigger Test1 for #process DempOrche_Env_1 could not create jobs. The robots already have pending jobs for this Process (#1670)” can you please help me with this

Hi @Sainath_Hotkar1
I am glad if I could help you. Feel free to mark my answer as a solution so that others who have the same problem can quickly find the entry.

To your new problem I can not help you spontaneously. there are already 2 post that go in the same direction (currently also without solution)
Once here:

and once here:

Sorry that I can not help.

Thank you @Sugumar8785

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Ohh Ok, Thank you for the update