Is there a way to check if the current runnig process is invoked from Orchestrator or assistant?

Hey Guys,

I am trying to implement something like,
If the process is invoked from Assistant, it should show a dialog box with some options for user to select manually.
If the process is invoked from Orchestrator, the Robot should assume the value and move ahead on its own. (No manual intervention)

So is there a way to check this is code if the current running process is invoked from assistant or orchestrator?
is there a better way to my design?

Hi @chandu4712

If a process is invoked from Orchestrator and Robot should pick up some value , you can design the code in such a way to take the value from the asset and you can change the value accordingly when needed.


Do u mean changing the Asset value everytime running from Orch or Assistant? and then reading that as an input signal

Do you require the value to be changed in every Run?

I simply want to know whether the process was invoked from Orchestrator or assistant. It can be a simple boolean value as well.

Hello @chandu4712 ,

If you know the machines in which the process is running in orchestrator(and its different from machines where you run from assistant), you can use Environment.MachineName and check with an IF condition. If it doesn’t match any of the machine name, we can be sure that it was ran from assistant.


Hi @chandu4712 ,

We could have an argument created in the Process, which would help us indicate if the Process was started from Orchestrator or Assistant.

Invoke from Orchestrator meaning, it was either Triggered by a Time/Queue. So while creating a Trigger, we could configure the argument to pass a value like shown below :

In the Workflow, we Check if there is a Value passed to the argument, if there is, then it is meant that it has been started from Orchestrator. If Invoking from Assistant, since it is manually triggered, there wouldn’t be any value passed to argument if we do not pass the value explicitly. Hence, we would be able to Understand that it was triggered from Assistant.

This maybe another way to identify the Point of Execution.

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Unfortunalety, the process runs on the same machine be it Orchestrattor OR Assistant.

Sounds like a way out.

Just in case i am manually triggering a Job from Orchestrator i would have to explicilty write everytime.

Let me see what can be done.
But this points some path

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