Determine if process is running attended or unattended

Hi all,

When developing for clients, they normally want to see the process running.
For demo and testing purposes, I would like to show messages and a form to manipulate data during the process. But the process is meant to run as unattended.

So is there a way to determine if a process is running attended or unattended. Literally I would like to know if someone is watching the process run.

‘Attended’ could also be if I started the process manually from Studio or from Robot Tray / Assistant. Any other ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

This is how I do it now:

Thanks in advance!


Just had an idea for a possible workaround if there is no other way. I could use an in argument on my Main, that I will fill out when running from Orchestrator. If not input argument is passed, that I could assume that it is run from Studio or Tray. Not a great solution, but it could work.

You can use the get Jobs activity, filtering with odata params to find the current job, and check the source