Boolean to know when Orchestrator is connected


I know that we can check if the orchestrator is connected in the Studio tray.
But, do we have a variable (boolean or any property) that allow us to know if it is connected or not?
If not, what could be a good workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @arthurz,
Could you tell me what would be the purpose/use case for this. I’m quite interested.

Hi @Pablito ,

This is related to my other question, so if only one of them is solved, it already helps me a lot.

Basically, at my workplace, I develop some bots using Studio and then another person will test it and put it to run on Orchestrator.
The thing is when I’m using Studio I can’t use ‘Invoke Process’ to invoke other workflow files and when the bot goes to Orchestrator it can’t call other processes using ‘Invoke Workflow’. So every time we want to send things to Orchestrator we have to change this.

So, is it possible to use any of these activities to run in both scenarios?
Or maybe are we doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Well actually you can check if orchestrator is connected by checking lower right corner in the Studio: