How to determine whether a process was run from an Orchestrator


I would like to understand whether there’s a possibility to determine if a process was started from an Orchestrator or manually from Studio. Is it possible?

It should be that I have a stage in my program where I check if it’s launched from the Orchestrator or from the Studio (maybe from the Robot tray too)

Hey Georgiy,

Go to the jobs page and check the source column


How do I do it in program, inside a xaml file?

go to the Orchestrator page under jobs page and check the source column

@aditya.prakash Thank you, I mean that I want my robot to be able to check whether the job has been started via the Orchestrator or from the UiPath Studio directly. I need to check it in the workflow, not manually by visiting the Orchestrator page.

This won’t show jobs that were run from Studio and not executed using either schedule, robot tray, or manually from Orchestrator.

In order to see all those processes plus those run from Studio you’d have to access the Robot Logs from the Robot page in Orchestrator.

You could also use the Orchestrator API to return these robot logs to a robot at run time but there is not clear indicator of the source in the records. Theoretically you could check the end of the process name for an Environment from Orchestrator and if it included one at the end that would tell you it was run from orchestrator (schedule/robot tray/manually) and any without an environment name should be from Studio. There may be better methods though.


see the image below, I have run a process with scheduler(the name of scheduler is first schedule) and manually.

if you have attended academy training of Orchestrator then this is a question also…

@MGMKLML it is for your Reference, Happy Automation :wink:


Hi Georgiy,

if you need to check by your workflow, then create a workflow to login to orchestrator, navigate to jobs page and check the source of the running process.

it would be the steps to determine the same


Is there any way to do the same using API/Orchestrator activities. For a job running, the robot should fetch the Job name, the user id who configured/started the job(as well as the email id of the user), the environment etc. How can this be implemented.

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did you ever work this out ?