Is there a way to api call post method update a value in web app upon successful run of UiPath Script?

basically this update of value in web app acts as a status change once the uipath script runs successfully, could anyone advice me on this?Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @zyzz

Yes that is possible.

You may use input and output arguments of your main file in the process.


Example of Using Input and Output Arguments from this? i’ll read thru and check on this

yep please try, If any issues please let me know.

i don’t quite understand the documentation here, i was thinking more of using an if else activity so when the audit log statuscode = 200, add in a for each activity looping through each row with a http request activity to update the value of a particular field in web app using a POST method, but i tried this out and it didn’t work

Hey @zyzz

So please check my understanding.

You will run a job from a web app on a button click & based on the final status of the job you will need to update the same on the web app ? Is this correct ?

My only query is whether is that the status alone or any other data you want to get from the RPA Job ?


hi @Nithinkrishna, instead of myself, the intention is for an end user (without access to uipath) to trigger the uipath script on a button click, possibly via an API call (or other methods).

What i currently have for my process is upon triggering the uipath script, it use API call GET method to retrieve requests from a web app and export it out into a templated Excel file, and save the file into a specified file directory.

Your understanding of the second part of the above is correct, the psuedo code is as follows - i will need to then update in the web app that X number of requests have been previously exported out into excel file, hence when the end user wishes to trigger the uipath script next time round, to not export out those X number of requests that have been previously exported out and only show new requests. This exported value in the web app is stand alone and is not part of the information exported out into excel file.

So each API call will result in a request number is that correct ?

nope each API call is triggered by end user remotely without a request number