Update data in web application using API with Ui interaction

Hello Team,

How to update any data in web application without ui interaction using API?
For eg- 1) login to application
2) update data in home page.
3) click on Next button within home page
4) update some data in 2nd page
5) click on save button on 2nd page


Hi @Riya_Sharma

You’ll have to check the API documentation for the web application on what endpoints to use and how to use them.

In UiPath, you have ‘HTTP Request’ activity for REST APIs and ‘SOAP Request’ activity for SOAP APIs (though haven’t seen these in a while :smiley: )

You use the same activities but configure them differently for authentication and posting data based on the app’s API documentation.

Hi @grkiran2 ,

Can you please share the sample xaml of it?


This was developed with UiPath.WebAPI.Activities v1.9.2.

The public end point used generates dummy data. It also has steps to loop over an JSON array.
DummyJSON.xaml (8.7 KB)

@grkiran2 can you please share the link that you have used to perform some operations in web app?


Which web app are you trying to use APIs with?

It’s confidential actually
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Unfortunately, I also cannot post other examples for the same reason.

Check your web app’s API documentation, usually they have all the details needed for authentication and what data to provide with each endpoint and what to expect in the response.

You can you also play with UiPath Orchestrator APIs using the swagger page. Check this link for more information on accessing swagger page: API References (uipath.com)

You can also check Orchestrator API Documentation | UiPath’s Public Workspace | Postman API Network for examples of Orchestrator APIs in postman. The same can be translated to HTTP Request activity in UiPath

Check documentation for HTTP Request activity: HTTP Request (uipath.com)