How can I use the HTTP Request activity to upload a file to a server?

I’m New For Uipath studio I have To Generate Dynamically Parameteriaze Rest Api Using Uipath Activities In Uipath Studio .
Please Guide me Which Activities And Steps Use To Generate Dynamically Parameteriaze Rest Api .
Kindly Help Me

As I understand, you have a custom Web Service and you need to load in UiPath?

If yes, then check this documentation: Loading Web Services in Libraries

but can we create Parameteriaze Rest Api in uipath studio?

We are Designed job for extract table data from pdf And save into Excel file And i want to post excel File data To Server At Run time .
For testing I called Get Method in Http request Getting 200 Status code And Successfully called .
Now I want Called Rest API Post Method
Please Guide me

Ok, so actually you don’t need the Loading Web Service in Libraries. You need to use HTTP Request activity (from UiPath.WebAPI.Activities package)

More details are here:

First, make sure you have a working example in the Postman tool for uploading the files, and then you can easily configure the HTTP Request activity for POST operation.

Add Http request Activity and select post method but getting error status code 500 ,
i have to to pass parameter (only key)using body field of post method and extract value at run time

Show us how you configured in Postman, and then how you configured the HTTP Request activity.

Your screenshots are not giving useful pieces of information.

In Postman we cannot see these:

  • Authorization
  • Headers
  • URL

In HTTP Request we cannot see these:

  • Body
  • Body Format
  • Parameters
  • Headers