Is the "RPA Developer Advanced Certification" worth it?

I get the feeling that this certification in general isn’t really worth the trouble unless you’re looking for a job, since it’s so expensive and only lasts 1 year. The certification doesn’t add anything that all the free certificates already give so If you already have a job in the RPA UiPath are I think this certificate isn’t really needed… or am I the only one who thinks this?

Can I get some opinions from the community?

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What ever you are thinking it is completely wrong. Its free of cost also till 30th June 2019.

We learnt lot many things at the time of doing this certification.


Hello @bruno.fradiano,
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It’s like you asked “Is gaining knowledge really worth it?”. Of course it’s worth it! :smiley: Everything you are learning you are doing for yourself, for getting experience. It’s not like “I will made it for a job only”. Think about it like “I will do it for myself” :slight_smile:

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Well said @Pablito :grinning:


I know that gaining knowledge is good, but you didn’t gain knowledge from doing the certificate, you gained it from doing the free courses, right?


It’s free…for now, after that it’s 850 dollars

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Yes and no :slight_smile:
By doing certificates you can also learn new things. Rely on UiPath example you are learning how to proceed with project in business perspective, you are more careful about naming activities and variables. There’s always something new what can be important :slight_smile:



Yes, it’s up to you whether you want to do it or not. We won’t force to do this.

We can gain Knowledge without doing this certification also.

Basically this Certification covers following things:

  1. we should use REFramework only to complete this task.
  2. we have to follow proper naming conventions to doing this task.
  3. we have to follow proper error handling.
  4. we have to complete this task within the given time.
  5. we will get some confidence also to complete given task within the given time.

These are from my learning experience and there may be lot many things by doing this Certification.


It’s still free, they extended the deadline multiple times. I think it makes sense to get the certificate if you watched the free lessons in the academy.On one hand it helps to get the first job in RPA on the other hand it forces you to pay closer attention to the courses.
However, it’s a bit questionable that the certificate is only valid for a year. I highly doubt that many people will retake it. Either one has more practical experience by then or one leaves the field of RPA.

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The last part of your answer is precisely why I question if it’s even worth it, considering I already have a job as a UiPath RPA Developer without having the certificate, plus, again, you’re not learning anything new by doing the exam, all the things @lakshman said in his last answer to me are true, BUT, that should already be +/- taken care of in the training’s… altho there isn’t a single training about the good practices regarding variable names I think (may be wrong on this one, been a while since I completed the free stuff)


I think that the exam might be a repetition of what is taught in the free courses, but from taking the exam, I also learnt 2 things:

  1. Working under pressure of time: it was the most 3 intensive hours that I have had doing the practical exam. It requires you to be really focus and be precise in every single step that you made. I think it’s a good practice in the career because it’s not always the case that we have a lot of time for a project.
  2. Being dynamic: The practical exam is changed every time you re-take it, and even though the requirements are quite similar, it takes a lot of effort to adjust. When I retook the exam (and finally passed), I was asking myself “how do I make this task more reusable in other processes?” and apparently, I trained myself a lot from thinking like that.
    Plus, it’s always better with a certificate than not, because it adds up to your value.

Hope it helps :wink:



Even though you are working as a UiPath Developer now, there is not certainty that you will stay at
your current job forever. The Adv Certification provides documented evidence of your experience and ability (particularly with ReFramework). More importantly, as expressed previously, you should do the Adv Cert for your own knowledge and benefit. I believe you will learn something even if it’s just additional practice or evidence of using the ReFramework. Last, in my recollection, there are suggestions for best practice for variable names, which is mostly don’t use cryptic names. Studio also provides the ability to add Comments for detailed descriptions of your variables which I believe is very helpful for Support and if others need to revisit or update your code.

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The path is to getting certified in order to be an Advanced RPA Developer. I have learnt that lot of my RPA projects since have been easier, & more enterprise since getting certified. So to answer you it is definitely all worth it.

The whole point of an exam is to test if you grasped the concepts, theory & both practically (To be certified you need to have at least got 75%). Otherwise with any course would suffice to read the book etc & say moving on to the next level without assessment. I am assuming you have done the course up to Level 3 on Advance RPA Developer & passed both your assignments on Level 3?

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Anyone doing actual work with UiPath should take it, because you’re kidding yourself if you don’t. If you think the academy is a hustle, it means you have a lot to learn.

It very useful and not a spoon feeding one . An Individual has to put efforts and understand to be a RPA developer …

How effective will this be for laterals … Can someone share their views…

The “RPA Developer Advanced Certification” is free till 30th June 2019. All you need is your time and effort to complete the requirements.

So, what does a certification do? It tell employers and prospective recruiters that your profile is worth a consideration. All things being equal, a certification will help you stand out.
The knowledge you acquire while preparing for the certification test is going to help you in your job too!

Hello @bruno.fradiano,

According to my knowledge " RPA Developer Advanced Certificate " is the real certificate which UiPath officially provides us with a licence number and expiration date. So I think that it has more validity. All other certificates provided by the UiPath academy are course completion certificates.

Is there option to work remotely??


Hello - That is something that I can double check on. As of right now my understanding is that you must be onsite, but seeing the niche aspect of this certification, things could change.