Is solution architect certification have some cost?


I am UiPath advance certified and want to do more certification to explore my knowledge.
Is solution architect certification is have some cost or it is free?
Is it good to explore my knowledge? or can you suggest me any good certification with cost which i can do to explore my knowledge about uipath or which i can use that knowledge parallel with uipath

Please help me with the same.

Hello @Mathkar_kunal ,

UiPath have only 2 official certifications, which are paid.
Details are here:

What you mean by solution architect certification? Are you referring about Academy certifications?

Ok, yes about academy certifications.
Is any other certification i can do which help me to boost my career in uipath? any programming language or something other ?

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

U can try to learn c# or vb
Net too while learning Uipath , it would helpful to you to code during complex automation process.

Ok thanks for suggestion

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