Is there any UiPath solution archietect cerfication? If so what are the cocurses we need to go through?

Is there any UiPath solution archietect cerfication? If so what are the cocurses we need to go through?

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Yes it’s there. Check in Academy and it’s name is RPA Solution Architect

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In order to get the certification of Solution Architect in UiPath,
we need to go by this hierarchy to make it more efficient and easier while learning
–First we need to complete a course called RPA Awareness Training in uipath academy
–Then we need to get into a course BUSINESS ANALYST TRAINING
–Then only UiPath Solution Architect Training
even that is what is suggested by uipath as well and you will get to know this once you get to solution architect training, but i would like to get you through right direction in very beginning itself
Hope this would help you buddy
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Hi @Gnana_Gracy

As the guys have mentioned you can find the solution architect training in the academy. I would recommend to first complete the non technical training courses.

  1. RPA awareness
  2. Business analyst course
  3. Implementation methodology

Additionally I would also recommend to learn st least the basics of the technical components. So go through the foundation, orchestrator and level 3 advanced training. As a solution architect we should know in and out of what we are proposing :slight_smile:

Then go through the architect course. This will help become more effective in your architect role…


Is there any certification from UIpath for solution architect. I can see the course but no info on certification. There is only developer certification. This is what my query was all about.

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you need to get to this link buddy
and search for the above suggested courses

you can search in courses option or in search option buddy
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Yeah got that. Thanks. Is that got any certification exams to pass like in RPA developer certification. After that course do v have any practical r theoretical exams from UIpath to award us certification for solution architect

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Actually its a diploma course where we will be issued with certificate once after completing the course and finally we will be having a quiz session (theoritical only) and if that is cleared we will get the certificate buddy
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Oh OK. So just the course completion certificate.


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yes exactly

If this gets cleared kindly close this topic with right comment marked as solution that could help others as well buddy
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Sure. Thanks to you all.