Is Orchestrator/studio License required?

We have to develop 4 bot for my Client. All the bots will be developed offsite using VPN. The client already has one orchestrator and 2 studio license. In this scenarios, could you please help guide me how many studio licenses are required? Also, do I require the Orchestrator license considering that client already have one orchestrator license that will be used after the development work?

One more question…is there any difference between production orchestrator and non production orchestrator license?

You don’t develop a bot… You develop a project that runs as a job on a robot. Mulitple projects can run on a single robot. Quite the difference ;). So 1 robot might can do the job for you.

In this scenarios, could you please help guide me how many studio licenses are required?

That depends on:

  • with how many developers do you want to build at the same time
  • What type of studio licenses does the client have (named license or concurrent user license)?
  • I assume you want to use the Studio licenses of the Client?
  • The customer has an Orchestrator license. NonProduction or Production and how many and what type of robots?
  • How do you want to publish your projects. Straight to orchestrator or upload it manually?
  • How do want to test your process?

2 environments of Orchestrator? I would recommend it, but you have to ask your client if they have the budget for it, do they have a test environment, etc.

So can you explain how you would like to develop based on the licenses that are provided. From there you can decide what more you need to be able to support your client.

Information about licensing:

Hi @Vineet_G

answer : Studio license is for development only , to run the process entirely its not required studio license for client side , however your client already purchased 2 studio license
so 2 developers can work parallel for the projects (its your decision to take what is the effort to take place to complete and if need to put more developers , you have to use your company studio licences or ask client to purchase studio more )

** and note that for running the process , Its required BOTs so you have to purchase no of bots as per the requirement

Answer : yes you should , its really recommended to use orcherstrator , so build the orchestrator using the license of your client has purchase and use it through your development

Answer : as i know that not call as non production orchestrator , but its having non production robots
as you mean about to user non production as community edition , its not recommended because the purchased studio version and community edition version may have conflicts

Hey everyone,

I heard that the new minimum-license-pack encompasses orchestrator, a robo and a developer-user account. If this is true - please confirm (if possible), otherwise I would be very thankful to learn about the commercial minimum setup for running a pilot (proof of concept). Thank’s in Advance!