Is On-premises Orchestrator able to hold "Unlimited" number of queue items?

Is On-premises Orchestrator able to hold “Unlimited” number of queue items?

In this article, it’s mentioned that “A queue is a container that enables you to hold an unlimited number of items.” though, it seems to me that it depends on your server where Orchestrator is working.

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yes of course buddy it can hold any number of data and any type of data
EDIT: and the count it can store depends on the memory or hard disk space of your host

Cheers @Hanna_h

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Hi @Hanna_h,
You’re right. Like everything what holds data Orchestrator can be described as kind of database (It uses SQL) and for sure it keep data on hard drive. The sentence you quoted clearly says that it “enables” to keep unlimited number of data. How much it will handle depends on your server. In fact every IT tool, application etc. which relies on data is dependent on space, performance etc. I would say it’s obvious :slight_smile:


@Palaniyappan @Pablito Thank you so much. Yeah, you are so right. it says “enables.” Thank you a lot. :slight_smile:

Then I wonder whether there is a limit of data for Transaction Item. Can it also hold unlimited data? I mean by that one single transaction item holds super big image or heavy data table(1million rows for example) , or sth… in the Queue which can hold unlimited number of them.

(Of course I think there would be another hardware issue we have to consider though…)

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I think for such aspects the only limitations are those included in SQL because this is kind of a core where data are kept.

so for this

i dont think we have any such restrictions unless we got enough space in your memory…you can keep any data, any type and any number until it reaches the memory size of your memory…
so your memory size plays a major role here buddy

Cheers @Hanna_h

@Pablito @Palaniyappan You are my heros. Thank you so much for you kind reply.
so… Whatever I want to add and get transactions items, the limitations would be hardware, not software - Orchestartor.


yes exactly buddy
Cheers @Hanna_h

I Dont know if its configurable … As we are trying to add 700+ Queue Transaction items but its
not adding any data after 500… Only 500 Queue items are getting added.

Here Is how our workflow look like-

  • A datatable containg the filtered Business Cases loop over using For Each…

  • item from loop is checking using some conditions…

  • if success , add data to Queue if Not Skip…

We have tried running the process multiple times and each time its only adding 500 Items…So not sure where is the Limit…

How can we remove this limit @loginerror @Palaniyappan

Are you getting any errors when you try to add more than 500 items? Also, how are you counting how many items are currently in the queue?

thanks for reply @loginerror -

I am not getting any error , I am cheking the transaction item… Once process gets completed.

I count the no of rows need to be added in queue before the for loop *(approx 700) … and in the loop i am adding data using Add Queue Item…

Once process gets completed … I look at transaction and see how it goes…and there i am able to see only 500 records … Which is incorrect…