Maximum volume of items that can be uploaded to queue-can a queue handle 250000 items?

Can anyone help me with the maximum number of items that can be loaded into the queue at a time. Can item volume of 250000 be handled by orchestrator queue using Add Queue item activity. If not possible then any other alternative solution available to load this 250000 items to the queue

Hey @ritam.jadavpur

I’m not too sure what the limit is. If you add them one for one it should be fine. If it doesn’t work, I would suggest keeping a record of queue items processed in a database and clear the orchestrator list when you hit the limit

Are you using cloud version or on prem?

There isnt a limit to number of queue items in a queue, but it depends on the size of the DB hosting the orchestrator sever.

There is a limit of 15000 items that can be loaded using bulk add queue items

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