Do Transaction Items have a Character Limit?

Suppose I have a a series of transactions, where each transaction item is a list

x = {1, 2, 3…, 100000}

Will this “fit” into Orchestrator?

Hi welcome to the community!
If you asking if a queue can take 100k transactions, the answer is yes.

Hi Bruno,

No, I was asking if it was possible to have one transaction that is a list variable which in turn contains 100k items.

I have a feeling that it won’t be. In that case, what would the upper bound be?

I think that is why queue exists, so we dont need a process to carry so many items to process, im quite sure this will be problematic to hold so much data inside a single transaction.

That’s true, but I have a project where I’ll have 50 or so transactions for each job, each of which will have a list object of 100-5000 values. Is that possible within orchestrator?

that will depend on the size of the request not on the number of items… there will be no easy answer for this…