Is it possible to encrypt the json decrypted value?

Hi Team,

I have one json file and in that json file i stored credentials in the decrypted format. so i want to encrypt the json values.

Is it possible? let me know if it’s possible.


Please use cryptograph activities…

you can encrypt and decrypt using them


Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Read JSON File → Deserialize JSON
  2. Access the credentials from the deserialized JSON object.
  3. Use encryption activities or custom code to encrypt the credentials.

  1. Update the JSON object with encrypted credentials.
  2. Serialize the JSON object back to a JSON string.
  3. Write the updated JSON string back to the file.

Cheers @Smitesh_Aher1

Thanks for replying @Anil_G

My case like below,

Firstly i used encrypted text and decrypted text activity for getting decrypted values. then i stored the decrypted text values into json file. after that i have removed encrypted text and decrypted text activity from the flow.

Now i want to encrypt the values present inside the json. So, how can i do this?



Use those activities again, why did you remove them if you need to encrypt


Sorry i was putting wrong variable on writeline activity. so, it was giving me wrong output.

Thanks @Palaniyappan & @Anil_G replying me.



It happens sometimes…Happy Automation :slight_smile: