Encryption and Decryption mechanism in UiPath | Via Node JS

Need to know about the Encryption and Decryption mechanism in UiPath.

We are encrypting the data from the Node JS application and send the data to the Orchestrator Queue. Based on that the Bot should decrypt the data and proceed further. But it’s not decrypting the data.

We have used AES 256 for encrypting the data. Even we tried online tools to encrypt the same. But it’s not working.

Could you please provide the solution for the above scenario.

HI @Rajesh.N buddy,

In Uipath, we have an inbuilt encryption package called " UiPath.Cryptography.Activities" through which you will be able to encrypt and decrypt string directly using many algorithm including AES 256. Please give a try and let me know.

If this helps you, please mark this as solution.

Arun Vignesh S
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Hi @arun_vignesh,

Thank you. Already I have tried with the same UiPath.Cryptography.Activities in UiPath studio and checked its working.

If we do the encryption and decryption in the Studio itself then it is working properly.

Here the scenario is something different. Encrypting the data in Node JS and Decrypting the same in UiPath Studio. In this scenario, it’s not working.

Even we tried with online tools as well. Encrypting the data in online tool and tried decrypting the same in UiPath Studio and it’s not working.


Hi, I have the same problem as you have.
Did you find the solution?

Hi, I encrypted some string with AES in Java, but it is not decrypted in UiPath with Cryptography activity.
How can I solve it?

Hi @jtkim @arun_vignesh @Rajesh.N Good News!!

You can now do the AES 256 CBC Encryption and Decryption in UiPath Itself.

Try it out new activity! https://marketplace.uipath.com/listings/aes-256-cryptographic-activity

It supports other platforms and tested as well.

Download the package and use it.

Hi @kuppu_samy
I have the same Issue as @Rajesh.N
I tried to download the package from marketplace but I’m unable to find it.
@Rajesh.N did you solve the AES decryption from Node JS in UiPath?

Hi Jorgen, @arun_vignesh @Rajesh.N - You guys able to solve AES 256 decryption?

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