Encrypt JSON file

Hello Expertise
May I know is there any way to encrypt your JSON file. Where I have used JSON file as my credentials.

Thank you

I don’t know whether it solves your problem or not @Kuenzang

we have a class available to crypt a json string , using System.Web.Script.Serialization;

Dim serializer as New JavaScriptSerializer()
Dim arrayJson as String = serializer.Serialize(myArray)

source : stackoverflow

or try using the JSON conversion types utf-8 or utf-16 which will also help :slight_smile:

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Thanks but it’s not working :frowning: Here is my JSON file, that I need to encrypt
credentials.json (70 Bytes)

Ohh @Kuenzang,

It seems, it is a long process to do that. Usually, when we have that requirement, what we did is,

We have defined a new key as a Encryption key and when user passes the data, we are encrypting and saving in a file. When the user wants to retrieve the same info again, we are decrypting the text using the same Encryption key again and then decrypting the text and then displaying it to user. That will be a long process now. Just to give a brief, we can convert the JSON to a password protected files and then pass it.

I mean, read the JSON, write the user name and password in a new excel sheet which is password protected and pass it.

One more thing is, we can get the credentials from orchestrator or a windows credential manager…

Let me know if these helps , I’m trying the new way to encrypt JSON . I will keep you posted if it succeeds


Thank you, please update me on it.