This nuget package can be used to encrypt/decrypt a file or a string. It uses “Rijndael Alogrithm” for encryption and decryption.

Package: UiPathTeam.Encryption.Activities
Author: @Priya_Dubey

Encryption / Decryption of API using UI Path
Encrypt PDF

Question to the author @Priya_Dubey Since it uses Rjindael Algorithm, it needs a cipher key, but I don’t see any option to set one.

Does it use a fixed key to encrypt/decrypt strings? This may be a dumb question, but isn’t that dangerous?


@Renan_Kataoka Yes you are right.At this moment the cipher key is fixed in the package itself. however i will be updating the package with a new version that will be available very soon in Gallery repository.




Thanks for the reply. Waiting forward for the update.