Is it possible to do an activity first before retrying a sequence?

I have this series of click into drop down list that sometimes fails due to internet problems. I put retry to retry clicking everything, but retrying it would mess up the clicking hierarcy. For example. Click File > Upload > Payments. If something fails it would retry the same sequence, but it re-clicks the “File” tab so it won’t show the “Upload” tab because the “File” tab is not showing(like click the tab to close). I want to click the “File” Tab again if the sequence failed before retrying, or refresh the browser if possible. I hope you can help me around this. Thank you.

BTW. My Drop-Down menus is the type that doesn’t disappear when the mouse isn’t focused. It’s the click then show type thingy.

Hi @Archie

I would Suggest you to use RE frame Work by Uploading File path to Queue and Getting the Transaction from the queue to process!

Since REframe work offers a retry mechanism Since its system exception!


I am already using one. Too bad that I can’t use queus on this one as per clients request(They hate orchestrator). I had to make do with retry scopes.

Have you investigated using the Global Exception Handler?

If you can refresh the border and acces file button then give a try with this activity

Keep that sequence in a try catch block and if any of the activity fails then it goes to catch block where first use this refresh browser and include a sequence of activities to perform that steps again
Or if you are using REFramework then it will be taken care by loop like we just need to include the sequence in try catch and a refresh browser in catch block


I did, I ended up using this one with a refresh browser in Catch Block.

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Thanks. I did this in my Catch Block.

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