Is it possible to disable functionality for preventing screen saver?

According to the release notes for UiPath version 2016.1.6137, UiPath Robot prevents machines from displaying screem saver.

Would it be possible to disable this functionality on Front Office Robot?

I want to diable it because our security team insists that machines must display screen saver when machine owner leave his/her desk even if Robot is running.

Hi @a-taniya
The Robot acts like a human that uses the computer and this is why it prevents displaying the screen saver. If you have to leave the desk you’ll have to lock the screen(security team conditions from my understanding).

As you probably read, the Attended(old Front Office Robot) will not run under locked screen and the robot itself cannot change this functionality(because of licensing parameters). That’s why it’s called “Attended” - it has to be triggered by a user.

In order for it to run under locked screen, you’ll need an Unattended robot license(old Back Office Robot).


Thank you for your reply, @ovi
I think I should force members to lock screen or fight against our security team :smiley:

By the way, if I use Unattended robot, will it unlock screen or work actually behind the locked screen??

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It will work behind the locked screen without human supervision.

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I understand, I’ll consider to use Unattended robot as well, thank you very much :slight_smile: