Is it possible to add all items from a dictionary to a queue item's ItemInformation?

I have a workflow that has a large amount of information being uploaded for each queue item. Is it possible to simply store it as a dictionary, then pass that same dictionary to the queue item?

I know only primitives are allowed for queue item info. However, since the queue item is a dictionary, can I simply 1:1 the info from a dictionary value into the transaction item info? This would save a lot of time and prevent keying errors

E.g. Variable MyDictionary has 4 key-value pairs (val1 = 1, val2 = 2, val3 = 3, val4 = 4). I want to upload the exact same information to a queue so looking at the TransactionItem.SpecificItemContent I see val1 = 1, val2 = 2, val3 = 3, val4 = 4

From my understanding, you can. However, I’m not sure you would be able to see each of the values from the dictionary in the Queue screen, unless you added each value individually. Sadly, I have not done this so I can’t confirm or show it would work.

Might this help!