ItemInformation on add queue item activity

I have a question regarding adding items to a queue.

I’m familiar with how to add queue items via the Studio activity, but when it comes to setting the ItemInformation property I only get one way to do this: manual entry of each key to item. It’s basically manually creating a Dictionary. Other than using the Orchestrator API to do a manual call, is there any way to assign a Dictionary variable to the activity directly instead of manual entry?


I’m coming up against the same issue. Did you ever get a resolution?

Not directly through the Studio activity, although I haven’t used the newest version. I either have to manually set each key to value or use the Orchestrator API.

I also need this feature! I hope that will be added

From help:

  • ItemInformationCollection - Enables importing an entire dictionary of information for a queue item. This field only accepts Dictionary<string, object> variables.

I don’t know how to add that dictionary…

Hello @Victor_Stanescu,

You need to make sure that you have version 19.5.0 or above of UiPath.System.Activities in order for the ItemInformationCollection to become available. Keep in mind that the Add To Queue activity will no have one property called ItemInformation and one ItemInformationCollection. Make sure that you can see both, and then simply pass a Dictionary<string, object> in the latter.

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Thank you, @lazarand. I updated UiPath and now ItemInformationCollection is available.
This is great!

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