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I’m currently using the REFramework to develop one of our automations.
I’m trying to figure out the most efficient way of uploading an item to the queue.

I have a dictionary containing employee information that i’m extracting from a data source.
To give an indication, the dictionary looks something like this:

Dictionary<string, string>
{ "Name: ", “Dhoe” },
{ "First name: ", “John” },
{ "Title: ", “Mr” },
{ "UserId: ", “123456” }

Now to pass this on the the performer process I would like to immediately add the entire dictionary to the queue in stead of uploading each property separately.

Is there a way this can be done?

Thanks in advance.

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We can upload dictionary item to queue but mentioning only dictionary variable though we can refer back it won’t have any value pairs in it right
Cheers @JMA

I couldn’t figure out a direct way of doing this but what I did was the following:

  1. Initialized an array. //My dictionary was of Dictionary <String, Object>
  2. Created a for each loop (Argument type: KeyValue Pair) and added the Keys as Data Column.
  3. Within the same loop populated the array with the values from the Dictionary.
  4. Outside the loop added the ArrayValues as the DataRow.
  5. Then in the Bulk Add Queue Items pass the DataTable to the Queue.

The datatable is initialized in the Variable section

Hope this helps.


Hello SowmyaLeo,

Thanks for your reply, although you solution works and i’m looking to implement a similar approach I still think it’s strange that we can not simply add a dictionary as a queueItem as the concept is exactly the same → Key, Value pair

Anyway, thanks for your time and help


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If you find a better solution please do share it as I will be curious to know that too.

Hi SowmyaLeo,

I have not found a better solution so I implented your approach.



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@JMA - Please can you mark that as a Solution as it would be helpful for others to track the solution quickly,

@SowmyaLeo Isn’t it better to Serialize using Json and Upload to Queue and Deserialize it while retrieving?


Have thought about it, but didn’t give it a try yet. Will check on that soon. Thanks.

@SowmyaLeo I Tried with Sample Data It Worked For me :sweat_smile:

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Please do share it. Will be good to see it in action.

@JMA - please also check @supermanPunch workflow and choose the one that will best suit you. (13.2 KB) This isn’t as accurate as it should be, but I hope the method used can be one more solution to this Query. :sweat_smile:


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