Dynamic dictionary in adding a queue item



It would be nice to have the option to create a dictionary object and reference it in the activities that add items in an Orchestrator queue. I’ve seen items with a lot of elements (around 30) and creating the dictionary in a loop would have been an elegant solution, allowing different number of properties for different queue items and thus more flexibility.

I’m thinking to have mutually exclusive input properties - one would be the existing ItemInformation wizard and the other a dictionary.


I believe this is something that we have discussed with UiPath. Am I right in thinking you are talking about effectively having reference data within the table for example:

You have single account that you want to make 10 payments for, rather than having 10 items in the queue you would have one queue item but one of your queue items would be a dictionary or some other form of reference, this item would contain the 10 payments and you could therefore reference them in your process rather than loading them all separately.

This is definitely something that would be useful as previously our workarounds have been to use the database to store data in a separate table and call it each time.