Is it possible for Mobile testing in UIPath studio

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 Is UIPath studio is possible for MobileTesting.
             If 'yes' please let me know,how to do.
             If 'No'please give me the reason.
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It’s not supported as of now buddy
May be in near future

cheers @SunnyM

Hey @SunnyM

As @Palaniyappan mentioned, itnis not yet supported for mobile testing or automation… let’s hope they will include this feature in the near future

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Could you please,help me out how to automate this type of calendar functionality.

Hey @SunnyM

Can you check whether you can type the date there without really selecting it?

If that takes input via typing then we can use TYPE INTO activity and pass with the date input as string

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It is click field,when we click on the field,it is showing as shown in the image.

Hello Guys,

   Any solution for this type of calendar options.

Steps I followed to select the particular date:-

         Clicked on Date of Birth field (It is clicking field)
          By using cursor,we need to choose/click on the particular number.

 Note: In Excel sheet, I entered  14/11/2019 but  while automating it is taking 30/11/2019.


Not sure if you already get the solution but this video may help you.

Thank you,

       Already I gone through this video...

Are you interested to perform protocols testing or functional test scenarios using UiPath?

Functional Testing ( How to do validations for form - means not only positive testing ,we want to do negative testing also).could you please help me out…

How can i capture this type of error message …

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Did we try with get text or screen scrapping or even get attribute activity where our value will be with title attribute

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Need some help.

 Is it possible for field level validations in UiPath studio.

 For example : 1) Both username & password are Empty![Both are Empty|504x451](upload://cZImxNzjsb1VbB3VCz0Gq0eIWUT.png) 

                        2) Entered Valid Username & Empty OR wrong password ![ValidUserName_EmptyPassword|518x477](upload://oFSoEgy4JovDxjvVLuwkNlfStvu.png) 

                         3) Valid User name & password![ValidUserName_ValidPassword|506x469](upload://iYOJoPgEWGy2RDmBPtcdJrAEFnQ.png) 

                          I need to write the result into excel sheet.

Note: Already I tried this scenarios,for Both are Empty is it write the data into Excel but for Success it is not write the data into excel ( but for some condition get visible text is not identifying)

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I hope you were trying to upload an img or file but it didn’t actually I think
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