Is it mandatory to have orchestrator when running attended bots?

Do we mandatorily need UiPath Orchestrator when we are running attended bots? If no then what are the pros and cons of having attended bots connected to orchestrator?

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Yes. In fact, for attended bots I’ve written meant to run until the user stops the process, I’ve had the UiPath assistant warn me that the process could not connect to Orchestrator.

Hi @shetanshudhar
It is not mandatory to have UiPath Orchestrator when running attended robots. However, having UiPath Orchestrator also adds value to attended robot deployments. Here are some of the additional value:

  • Automation Lifecycle Management - after developing the automation on Studio, you can publish the automation in Orchestrator. From Orchestrator, you then distribute the automation to all the attended robot users that need to run that automation. Succeeding updates to the automation can then be published to Orchestrator and updates to all the attended robots can be performed in one click. Without Orchestrator, the distribution of new automation packages and updates to existing ones need to be performed manually.
  • Centralised logging - You can centralised the storage of robot logs from all your attended robots in Orchestrator. You will have a record of all the automation executed by your attended robots.
  • Queue management - If you have transactions that need to be processed using multiple attended robots, the Queue feature of Orchestrator is a good way to make sure that no two attended robots would process the same transaction.
  • Auto-provisioning of attended robots - in environments where you have a large number of users that need to execute attended automation, it is best to have Orchestrator so you can integrate with Active Directory and easily on-board attended robot users based on their AD group membership.

These are some of the advantages of having Orchestrator manage your attended robots.



I must have had a misunderstanding on the requirements for running attended bots. In that case, are you referring to running attended bots using the command line? The only way I see in UiPath Assistant to run processes is to download them from Orchestrator.

I think @Matthew_Tan gives you the suite answer

Hi @Anthony_Humphries
WHen using a standalone attended robot (not connected to Orchestrator) you can manually copy the automation (NuGet package) to %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages.

The NuGet packages you manually copy to the folder specified above will appear as a process that you can execute in UiPath Assistant.


Thanks @Matthew_Tan! Good to know for my future projects if I don’t want to use Orchestrator.

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