IRessource variable

Hello everyone. I am testing Studio X for my company.
I am trying to use OCR activities. For the document, I am asked for an IRessource variable. How do I define my document using this variable?

Which values ​​should also be recorded for the result? This is different from Studio.

Thank a lot :slight_smile:


I guess output of path exists activity will be irrspurce type…please check the same

And use ctrl+k to create a variable in the output type…


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I don’t have the activitie “Path exists” in studio X … :confused:


We can use PathExists in StudioX. Can you try the following steps?

First, turn on ShowDeveloper at Filter in Activities panel.
Then we can use PathExists activity and put it into designer panel.
Next, open property panel of PathExists and choose create variable at “Reference if path exists” property


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Great ! Thank you

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