Work Book Does not existing- if using a Variable in the WorkBook Path

I am trying to read a file inside a folder using a read range activity. When I execute the script it returns an error. What is the best approach so I can read the file inside the folder.

The full path for the file I am trying to read is c:\Users\RPA\Desktop\CyberOne_to_Heimdall\xxxx.xsxl

Folder that contains the .xlsx file that i need to read.

  1. what is the format of the excel?is it .xlsx or .xls?
  2. User file exist activity and check whether the file is there are not.

the format of the file is .xlsx and the file exist.


You can use variable “complete_path” (mentioned in “log message” activity) for read range, this might minimize the chances of such error.

@VegitlX_HuNteR, Mind sharing your workflow?

Hi all,

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I noticed a difference in filename. My suspicion is the timestamp.

The workflow is looking for a timestam (in the file name) that is different to the one that actually exists in the file

Hi @Jacqui_M. Sorry I know you will notice that but the screenshot is not correct. But I can tell you that the filename matches.

10_52_16 is a screen shot from the next run I made.

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Ah alright, please may you write the in_InputWorkbook to the console as well so that we can see what that holds.

Hi, by reading the conversation, I’m not sure if the issue was finnaly solved. I’ve found two ways to do it.
For a human attended process I used this:

(The “Write Line” activity is not needed, I putted it only to check the value that was being stored on the output variable generated by the “Select File” activity)

And for an process without human interaction:

(Where “NewProject” is a String variable that has get the variable part of the document name on a previous step of the workflow)