Using 'Filter' activity from StudioX in Studio - Source field

Hi everyone, I’m using Studio to design a workflow but have tried using an Excel activity from the StudioX group of activities to perform a task. I’m having trouble working out what value I should be populating in the following Source field. It keeps producing an error that an “end of expression expected”. Does anyone have any idea?

The Excel spreadsheet I’m trying to filter has a table called ‘Table1’. Appreciate any help!

Hello @kerri.tiam2 ,

What is the “item” in the “Excel File” box referring to?
That box must contain the full path to your Excel file.

On a separate note: If your file already exists, why is the “Create if not exists” enabled?

Hi @AndyMenon ! The “item” refers to the specific Excel file containing the description “AL HM.xlsx”. I put the Use Excel file activity within the For Each loop (screenshot below).

As for “Create if not exists”, I left it ticked but yes you’re right it shouldn’t be.



Can you try as the following?




Hi @kerri.tiam2,

I’m trying to figure out if the flow recognizes that the reference named “item” contains a table. Reason being, the item object is populated when the code actually runs not when you are building the flow.

One way to confirm this is to temporarily replace the item reference with an actual file path. If the error goes away it means that you have identified the cause.

If I recall right, StudioX Excel scope has a feature called template files that imitate an actual file to help the code understand at design time what kind of file to expect when it runs. You might want to explore this feature and implement it within the inner Excel scope.


Thanks @Yoichi for saving the day! Your suggestion worked! :smiley:


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