Invoking C# code appears to be possible in activities documentation but Language input is missing from properties window

I’m trying to invoke a C# code into a workflow, as in the activities guide it appears that I should be able to invoke C# code, however in Studio I cannot see Language as an Input option? Is this a discontinued feature or am I missing something?

Does anybody have any suggestions for me? Please Advise.

Hi ,
When you create a new robot develope it has the option that which language are you going to develop. It is only available in the version 2019.7 Community. The version 2019.4.x won’t have this option. It will support only the



Hey Bala,
Is it possible to work in c# with enterprise UiPath edition?

HI @narasimha_reddy,

Nope. Inside UiPath studio I always use Vb.Net.

Thank you