Invoke workflow WorkflowFileName variable not supported

in legacy project, I could use a variable as workflow filename for invoke workflow activity. but after converting my legacy project to modern, it is no longer working.

is there any alternative to dynamically calling workflows? or workarounds?


Which version of UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities you are using, it is working fine for me with UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities version 21.10.5

Try to see if the Invoke Process activity helps.

I think you cannot do it dynamically in Windows and cross-platform projects. You need to specify manually.


No, dynamic invocation is not possible with compiled workflows.

Can you please detail what is your usecase? What are you trying to achieve and why is this needed?

our use case is:
there is a list of workflows that the user can choose to run. so the user can set up his list and then the automation will run the list for him. so if there are a lot of workflows to choose from, it is easier to automate with dynamic invocation rather than a long if-else or switch.

so anyway, i guess we will stay with legacy project for now

Hi there,

I have also encountered this issue migrating from Legacy over to modern Windows.

Our use case is an REFramework robot with a dynamic process layer, it is able to execute multiple different small steps/subroutines through a singular invoke activity. This works fine on legacy by setting the workflow file name/path as a variable from a config value and the input queue data.

By removing this function in modern windows, we now need to explicitly invoke 10+ hardcoded processes in a switch statement, which seems like a huge step back in terms of usability/functionality.

Are there any plans to re-integrate dynamic workflow, or a way to adjust the project.json to allow for dynamic workflow invocation within the modern windows ? @marian.platonov @alexandru