Invoke workflow - path errors

I have developed a process that lauch other process according of the day of the week.
When I try to launch a process that has subfolders (other .xaml or config) I am getting path errors due to the main process in in a folder and the process lauched by invoke workflow is in another folder. I think is due to the currentdirectory…
How could i fix it?

The invoke workflow launch correctly the xaml of the second process but inside the second process i get directory errors.

@Alba_Ceballos ,

Could you please share an error with us or xaml?


I sure didn’t explain myself well.
I have a main process “Process 1” that invokes a “Process 2” by means of “invoke workflow file”. In “Process 2” I access a folder that has an excel file.
If I run only “Process 2” it works fine.
If I invoke “Process 2” from “Process 1” through invoke workflow the folder of “Process 2 (excel)” can’t be found (logi, is in other folder or process 2)

Hi @Alba_Ceballos ,

When invoking “Process 2” by “Process 1” or elsewhere within the invoked process (“Process 2” in your case) please try to use the absolute path (e.g: C:\Documents\Newsletters\Summer2018.xaml)

More info about file path type here

Hope it helps!
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