Invoke error after windows legacy to windows update

Due to an error in Studio when using Windows-Legacy I decided to upgrade to Windows, which should solve my error. Now my invoke does not work. The error log:


Compilation failed or was cancelled."

In the output window I get:
Unexpected error has occurred during the library compilation process:
The following invoked workflows are missing:
Called from the following workflows:

The correct path to my Captcha.xaml is C:\Users\bro\Documents\UiPath\CaptchaReader\Captcha.xaml but for some reason it seems that the invoke is looking in the folder named “eGradani”, where the Main.xaml is located. In the invoke I have provided the full path so I do not understand the error.


In windows compatibility, as project files are complied to dll when publish, xaml file cannot be executed directly. So, this means xaml file outside project folder cannot be called by InvokeWorkflowFile, I think.


So what is then the purpose of invoke file if it cannot be called? This means that every time that I invoke the same file from different places that I have to place the invoked file in all the local folders. Then when updating I have to update all the local invoked folders.

Can somebody provide me with a solution that makes sense?

Hello @raven

Invoke workflow can be used if the xaml is in the same project. If you want to call another xaml in another project, you can use invoke process activity.

UiPath - Invoke Process & Invoke Workflow File Activity | Comparison with Practical demo | Auto Bot

Thank you for the hint but now I have another problem. In Orchestrator I have a modern folder named “New”. In a subfolder named “Invoke” I have placed the process that I want to invoke. In the invoke.process.activity in folderpath I write “New/Invoke” and then I get an error that my process is not located in the subfolder. I have tried all kinds of folderpaths but I am not able to make it work. A hint how to solve it would be very much appreciated

Is your studio pointing to the main folder??


It sounds like you’re using the Invoke in a way it’s not intended. You should turn those external XAMLs that you’re sharing between projects into libraries and custom activities.

I am not quite sure if I understand your question.

If I write “New” in the folder path and place my invoke process in the folder “New” then it works but if I place my invoke process in “New/Invoke” subfolder then it does not work

That sounds advanced. Do you maybe have a video how to do it?

It’s very easy. Barely different than creating a Process.

After creating an empty library, you can probably just copy your XAML files to it. Note that whatever is the name of the XAML will be the title of the activity when you use it in other projects. So a XAML named “Add to number.xaml” will result in an activity named “Add to number”

You use arguments in the Library project’s XAML files, and they become the properties of the activity so you can pass in values just like with Invoke.

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