Invoke Workflow path question

In my processFolder, I have Main.xaml

I have a subfolder “sub”, which has two files one.xaml and two.xaml
one.xaml is calling two.xaml with invoke workflow.

Can I just use Involeworkflow with two.xaml?
Or do I have to include the subfolder in the path sub\two.xaml?

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Click on the browse for file icon, from there you can select the folder and the file which is inside it. Then the path will come there.

In your case two.xaml is inside the sub folder so it will be like sub\two.xaml

You don’t have to do anything. If the only thing inside one.xaml is an Invoke Workflow for two.xaml this would be very bad design. Just Invoke two.xaml.

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I have other code besides invoking two.xaml
However when I invoke two.xaml from one.xaml, it reverts to the path sub2\two.xaml even though they both are in the same folder. Why?

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Because the context everything is running in is the main project folder, not the subfolder the XAML file is in.

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