Invoke Workflow File: Cannot set unknown member

While invoking another workflow I get the following error.

Invoke Workflow File: Cannot set unknown member ‘UiPath.Core.Activities.Click.AlterIfDisabled’.

the workflow being called is using the click activity, however, i am not using the AlterIfDisabled property

Please suggest

Hi @anslem_Capgemini

When executing, which activity is throwing the error?

Invoke workflow activity? or the click activity that you have included in the called workflow?

Can I see a screenshot of the workflow and the click activity along with its properties?

I have found the root cause and fixed it.
Root cause: The version of dependencies used in the in the workflow being invoked is higher than that of the invoking workflow.

Fix: updated the versions of the dependencies of the invoking workflow to match that of the workflow being invoked


it was throwing at the click activity

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