Error while trying to invoke a workflow


I have a process which is legacy (maybe this is important) that invokes different workflows. Until now everything worked fine, but when I try to invoke a process which is windows based I get the following error “Main.xaml - Invoke Workflow File: Cannot set unknown member ‘{}VisualBasic.Settings’.”

I tried a lot of solutions, to see if the packages in the main workflow are the same with the packages from the workflow invoked, to convert the main workflow to Windows ( at this point I am not able to open the old workflows ).

What should I do to have a stable main workflow and to solve this issue ?

Thanks is advance !

I think issue is with Dependencies.
Once check this link, if it is useful for you.

I already tried this without success. I think it has something to do with the conversion from legacy.

Hi @darie.leolea
I have the same scenario and the same problem.
Did you solve it somehow?