Invoke workflow activity in bigger project

Im trying create workflow which has main workflow into process workflows. Do I start them with invoke workflow activities from main workflow and continue them into process workflows with same activity and pass the arguments? And if I chain 2 process workflows into together, do I end the first one with invoke workflow activity and start other one with it also? Arguments going in/out?


Sorry, I didn’t get you what you are asking.

If you are invoking one workflow from other workflow then you have to run Parent workflow i.e. Main workflow.

I mean if I want to run multiple workflows from the main workflow. Let’s say I have main workflow which just has the start of project but then I have 3 process workflows which all I need once. How I chain them together?


You need to use Invoke Workflow file activity only for each workflow.

If your sub process xamls has a sequential name like


Then you can invoke those inside a for loop, if all the subprocess xamls has same kind of aruguments.
The in the invoke workflow file activity you can call them like “subprocess”+processCount.ToString+“.xaml”

If you need to call different xamls with different arguments, then use a new flowchart file and connect them one-by-one.

Let me know if you have any issues.

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Yeah I think I got an idea how it should go. Thanks!

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