Building Main Process

Hi All, I have created all the flowcharts as mentioned in the pdf walkthrough of assignment 1. But now I have to make the main process and call all the subprocess on how to do it.


You have to invoke all your workflows to the main workflow, this can be done through Invoke workflow activity, you would have created arguments in the sequences or flowcharts import it in the invoke workflow and assign the values in the main workflow.

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Use invoke workflow activity and pass the path of your created xaml.


in the textbox pass the path of your subprocess or xaml file.

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You can use the Invoke Workflow activity to call in all the other workflow files in locations where you need in the main workflow.

Few things that you need to consider when invoking another workflow is:

  1. If the workflow that you are invoking contains input arguments, click on the Import Arguments button of the Invoke workflow activity and provide the required input variables that you want to pass to those arguments
  2. If you have any output arguments in the workflow that you are invoking, Make sure you have relevant variables created in the main workflow, and assign them to the output argument of the workflow through the Import arguments