Dynamic path in invoke workflow is failed when publishing library

I want to create library in UiPath. I need pass dynamic path in invoke workflow in the library workflow. I am getting error from UiPath studio that it is currently not supported. Is there any work around for this?

This error not occurs when publishing a process with dynamic path in invoke workflow, only when publishing as library.

Hi @Jeevabalan,
Actually you will get the row(“botname”) during the runtime only. It’s not available during compile time.

We won’t able to mention dynamic path in INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity as we need to import and assign Arguments with some values or variables
If the workflow is set to dynamic path managing arguments would not be possible to handle
That’s why
Rather we can include n number of INVOKE WORKFLOW file activity with the exact full path of the xaml if it’s from outside project folder or just the absolute path of xaml if it’s inside the project folder

Cheers @Jeevabalan