Invoke multiple workflows

Hi all,

What Im trying to accomplish, is to be able to create a single file called for example: “Workflow Runner”. Inside this file, a single sequence should exists with multiple Invoke Workflow File activities (only 2 at the moment). Inside those said activities, I’m invoking 2 different xaml files. My intention is that when one of those xaml files is done, that the next one starts on its own. That isn’t working for me atm. When the first one is done, the robot just stays there.

Picture for reference: image

Please let me know if Im doing anything wrong.



nothing is wrong there, it should be invoking both files synchronously like any activity… if not then you must have some errors in the second…


So you are saying that Its invoking the both xaml files at the same time and they are both running at the same time?

The both xaml files work perfectly when run on separately… so I dont believe that they have errors.

synchronously means the second will wait for the first to end…

Synchronously means at the same time btw… thanks anyways

“Asynchronous processing enables various workflow processes to run at the same time”



Didn’t know that It meant a different thing in programming or computer science in general. Every single day you learn something new.