Integrating multiple workflows

I have multiple Xaml file(Login, create, verify) in sequence but I want to execute particular Xaml file(login and verify), below i attached my screenshot and projects

integrationsseq.xaml (5.5 KB)

HI @sainath2172

How about commenting out the one that is not needed for the run so that the remaining two wil execute?

Or else, you can use a if condition and place the middle one inside it. So that you can provide the value for the condition depending on the need to run it…

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We can run that particular activity on right clicking
Kindly try with that feature

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Is it possible to run 2 invoke I mean whatever the activity I want to run that follows by Login itself? Some of them referred by using argument it is possible but I was unable to get it. @Palaniyappan

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Ya I will try @Lahiru.Fernando

Yah of course this can be done by placing a terminate workflow activity next to the second INVOKE workflow file activity
So that only those two will get executed and the bot will get terminated after that

Cheers @sainath2172