Is it possible that only one robot to execute a process which invoke another xaml inside?


Recently I’m trying to optimize my previous processes.
Then I saw the sample of Re-framework process that it invoke several Xaml, such as Configuration.xaml, inside the process.
My problem is could only 1 attended can achieve this process?
Or it maybe needs several attended robots or 1 Unattended Robot to achieve?

Thanks in advance.


Yes you can.

Use Invoke WorkFlow activity and pass other xaml file path to invoke other workflow from parent WorkFlow.

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Hi @lakshman

Thanks for reply.

I knew the activity, so the invoke workflow is just import the workflow into the process?
I though it was activate another Robot(the first for main process, the second for the invoked process) to execute the invoked workflow.

Thanks for your help

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You can keep process into single project folder in folder wise and then you can invoke it.

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